Louis Vuitton will release its first scent created under Pharrell’s direction. Enter LVERS, an eau de parfum that bloomed from a creative dialogue between Pharrell Williams and Louis Vuitton’s in-house perfumer, Jacques Cavallier Belletrud.

The duo looked up — specifically, at the sun — for inspiration. According to a press release, Pharrell often uses light as a “metaphor for love and a source of life and motivation across human experiences.” Indeed, life and light are inextricably linked — Belletrud noted that photosynthesis is “the starting point for everything.”

LVERS translates the life-giving power of sunlight into scent. Galbanum (a resin often described as spicy and green) expresses beams of early-morning light, while cedarwood nods to centuries-old forests that continue to grow, thanks to the sun.

Notes of invigorating bergamot and creamy sandalwood complete the fragrance, described by the brand as “a spray of sunlight distilled in a bottle.”

Speaking of bottles — no detail went unnoticed under Pharrell’s watchful eye. The LVERS bottle, coated with a iridescent finish, is just as radiant as the scent.

Pharrell also designed accessories to accompany the perfume. A travel case and fragrance trunk are crafted in Louis Vuitton’s Damoflage motif, a streetwear-inspired twist on LV’s Damier print that Pharrell introduced in his debut collection for the house.

LVERS launches worldwide online and in Louis Vuitton stores on June 19th.