LOUIS VUITTON has revealed a new campaign dedicated to the LV Archlight sneakers collection starring actress Chloë Grace Moretz, musician and actor Jaden Smith and footballer Sam Li captured by fashion photographer Carlijn Jacobs.

The release of the LV Archlight in 2018 revolutionised sneakers. Avant-garde in sportswear design thanks to its oversized tongue, curved rubber sole and futuristic silhouette, this year the now signature Louis Vuitton shoe celebrates five years of success and iconic status. The constantly morphing LV Archlight is unbridled by trends. And now, its multiple transformations have given shape to a new design: the LV Archlight 2.0.


2023 will see the Archlight adorned in raffia, guipure lace, and a new experimental rubber platform outsole. The reimagined design takes inspiration from moccasins, high boots, and desert boots. Drawing from the Maison’s archives of past collection codes, the LV Archlight unites stories, moments, and techniques.