The singer-songwriter opened up about her beauty journey ahead of this special moment: “MAC reminds me of how glam makeup made me feel my whole life”

The Grammy-winning singer, 31, was just announced as a celebrity ambassador for MAC Cosmetics. To kick off her partnership, Petras stars in the latest campaign for the brand’s iconic Viva Glam lipstick.

Petras and pop star Danna Paola, who’s also been named a celebrity ambassador, are joining the brand at an extra-special time.

This year, MAC Cosmetics is celebrating both its 40th year in the beauty biz, as well as the 30th anniversary of the creation of Viva Glam, the lipstick known the world over for its lasting impact both in and outside the beauty industry.

In 1994, Viva Glam launched with a vibrant blue lipstick and a clear mission: to give every penny from sales of the product to the MAC Aids Fund, which supports organizations helping underserved individuals living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

K.D. Lang became the face of the lipstick’s second iteration and the collaboration cemented the brand’s relationship with the biggest change-makers in entertainment. Since then, Chloë Sevigny, Dita Von Teese, Fergie and Sia have all lent their faces and voices to Viva Glam campaigns.

Now, it’s Petras’ turn, and as a genuine MAC Cosmetics fan, it’s an opportunity she’s more than ready for.

Makeup has always been “special” to Petras.

The transgender artist shares that she started wearing makeup at 12 after she’d begun her hormone therapy journey. “It was just mascara and a little brow gel, but I remember that being so amazing because before that I needed to go to school in boys’ clothes and have my hair back,” she shares, adding, “It felt very freeing and I can’t describe that feeling and how much that meant to me.”

Petras says one of her first memories of MAC Cosmetics is seeing one of its iconic black eyeshadow pots on her mother’s vanity. “I used to steal this black [shade] with a little bit of shimmer that she used to do her eyeliner with [because] I was always really fascinated by that.”

At 7, she had a curiosity for makeup, but lacking skills, Petras “just looked like a raccoon,” she remembers.

In school, she recalls not really being “the popular kid.” As a result, Petras would spend most days sitting by herself, listening to music and spritzing MAC Cosmetics’ Fix Plus Makeup Setting Spray on her face.

Viva Glam has the power to make people feel beautiful on the outside and inside, Petras says. “To buy a lipstick, and then to feel good about it too is such a special thing. When I was young, Viva Glam educated me about a lot of HIV issues. I was seeing the campaign and then looking into them raising money for HIV. It’s cool to to look back and be like, ‘This product has really helped a lot of people.’”

For the 30th anniversary campaign, MAC Cosmetics is asking the world to put your money where your mouth is by purchasing one of four MACximal Silky Matte Viva Glam Lipsticks ($25 each). While Viva Empowered, Viva Heart and Viva Planet are past Viva Glam shades that boast the brand’s new formula, Viva Equality is entirely new.