Daisy Marc Jacobs Paradise Limited Editions: Three new seasonal fragrances paying homage to the abundant shades of pink and purple florals of the desert superbloom.

The fragrance

Capturing the free-spirited allure of a sunset walk through a field of blooming flowers, in a phenomenal landscape. The Daisy Paradise Limited Edition fragrances are a novel, seasonal twist on the classic daisy scent. Each fragrance features unique pinks and purple hued notes to evoke the comforting feeling of the warm sun touching the earth.

Daisy Marc Jacobs Paradise Limited Edition: poppy and oak combine to create an aromatic floral sensation, wrapped in comforting ambrox® at base.

• top: poppy natureprint™
• mid: oak chips sfe
• base: ambrox®

Daisy Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh Paradise Limited Edition: a harmonious blend of pink pepper and lavender create an graceful herbal opening, balanced with the natural softness of attar mitti.

• top: pink pepper sfe
• mid: lavender diva essence
• base: attar mitti natureprint®

Daisy Love Marc Jacobs Paradise Limited Edition: iris mingles with patchouli, creating an addictive earthy freshness that lends itself to a sophisticated delicacy of chantilly.

• top: iris firabs
• mid: patchouli coeur sfe
• base: chantilly smell-the-taste™

Fragrance house: firmenich
Perfumer: alberto morillas

The designs

The Daisy Paradise Limited Edition bottles are a harmonious mix of pink and purple shades that appear during the rare desert superbloom.

The combination of opaque and translucent pink and purple petals atop the iconic daisy cap were each selected to represent the blossoming joshua tree landscape.

Designed in a luxurious soft-matte material, the outer packaging showcases pink and purple hues accented with gold foil touches to compliment the bottle collection.

Bottle design: Marc Jacobs in collaboration with Coty

The advertising

Shot and directed by photographer Matt Jones, the Daisy Paradise print advertising features the limited-edition collection among the superb desert superbloom. The daisy paradise collection is captured in the warm, dreamy sunset light with hazy mountains on the horizon.

The line-up

Daisy Paradise 50ml
Daisy Eau So Fresh Paradise 75ml
Daisy Love Paradise 50ml

Daisy Marc Jacobs Paradise Limited Editions will be available in the US December 26, 2022, and globally January 1, 2023.