The oldest of France’s great cognac houses treats travelling connoisseurs to a multi-sensory experience and showcases four limited edition blends.

2015 marks the 300th anniversary of Martell, the oldest of the great Cognac Houses. As part of the Tricentenary celebrations Martell has created an immersive pop up installation that brings an exclusive voyage of Martell Art de Vivre discovery directly to travellers.

The exclusive journey of the Martell 300 pop-up store began at Hong Kong International airport earlier this year and the next destination is Paris, residing in Charles de Gaulle airport terminal 2E Gate M from May to 31st August 2015.

François Plantecoste, Director Global Travel Retail, precised: “This pop-up store was designed to celebrate the quest in which Jean Martell started 300 years ago to craft the distinctive taste of Martell eaux de vie, the fully interactive installation is homage to Martell’s three celebrated pillars: tasting, craftsmanship and gastronomy”. The pop-up will host a series of immersive sensory activations to create a memorable shopping experience for travellers before they embark into their next journey. The store will also give travellers a unique and rare opportunity, with four vintage limited edition Martell blends available for purchase.

Felicie Escoffier-Boulliat, Senior Brand Manager, Pernod Ricard Travel Retail Europe commented: “Martell is one of the top 10 prestige luxury spirits brands and this pop-up experience allows us to bring the rich history of the brand to life. The numbers of consumers travelling through airports are on the steep incline making travel retail a critical channel for premium and luxury spirits, so we are thrilled to be working with Aelia to showcase the new limited edition products at this pop-up concept store.”

The Martell 300 Multi-Sensory Experience
The Martell pop up will take consumers along for a multi-sensory experience of grand heights. Guests will be able to explore the true taste of Martell at a pairing session showcasing a selection of the new limited edition cognacs matched with French chocolates. A leather embossing service offers a personalised premium touch to travel leather goods as a gift with purchase.

The installation features an interactive ‘Discovery Table’ and archives from Martell that further explore the tasting notes that make up the signature Martell expressions.

Travellers walking by the pop-up in terminal 2E gate M will be invited to connect to Martell’s private digital network via their smartphone. Consumers will then be invited to register for their Martell multi-sensory experience and indulge in the full Martell Tricentenary celebration.

The Heart of the Installation – The Martell Limited Editions
The installation design is inspired by Martell’s Tricentenaire special edition: the Premier Voyage. This most exclusive offering is made with eau de vie dating back from 1868 to 1977 and rested in a barrel made of a 300 years old oak tree and is available in limited quantities from 10,000€.

Alongside the Martell Premier Voyage, three other vintage Martell eaux de vie limited editions will be available for purchase at the Martell pop-up store in Charles de Gaulle airport. Martell Assemblage de 3 Millesimes 700€, Martell XO Exclusive Tricentenaire Editions from 220€ and Martell Cordon Bleu from 129€.

Martell 300 pop-up store Located at terminal 2E Gate M the pop-up will be open to travellers May to 31st August 2015

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Martell XO 300

Martell XO 300 with montre

Martell Premier Voyage