The Honey Dijon Capsule Collection, an electrifying fusion of music and fashion, was inspired by and co-created with the DJ and fashion favourite whose dynamic beats and style are just the kind of Maverick flavour we love. The collection of remixed classic bags and apparel is perfect for the truly global scene maker and game changer.

Born in Chicago and living between NYC and Berlin, Honey Dijon’s is a global maverick with bold creative energy and vision. She makes moves while making the whole world dance.

“I wanted to create a dissertation on travel and style: the merging of utility, beauty and craftsmanship. Creating a collection infused with legacy pieces, I wanted to resurrect the chic era of travel, seamlessly blending timeless elegance with modern sophistication” – Honey Dijon.

From bold, vibrant patterns to sleek, cutting-edge designs, each piece in this collection reflects the energy and creativity from which MCM was born and defines Honey Dijon’s music, as well as her fashion sensibility.