Irish Distillers, maker of some of the world’s most well-known and successful Irish whiskeys, is proud to introduce its latest expression in innovation, METHOD AND MADNESS Single Malt 7 Year Old. The first ever single malt whiskey to be created in the Micro Distillery, this new release marks an exciting move into unchartered territory for the team at Midleton Distillery, showcasing the art of experimentation that defines the Micro Distillery’s spirit while offering a rare and distinctive taste experience.

Seven years in the making, this limited-edition, tripled-distilled release taps into Midleton Distillery’s legacy of master and apprentice working side-by-side, an approach that provides a constant supply of curious minds with generations of knowledge to fall back on.

The meticulous selection of first-fill American bourbon barrels and second-fill sherry casks was specifically chosen to give a delicate imparting of flavour that wouldn’t overpower the distillate. The former imbues delightful sweetness and a subtle touch of vanilla to the liquid, while the latter softly infuses the whiskey with captivating notes of dried fruits. Taking centre stage, though, is the exceptional distillate itself, bursting with flavour.

Upon first sip, METHOD AND MADNESS Single Malt captivates the taste buds with a burst of tangy citrus zest, intertwining with the delectable richness of caramelised apple and a subtle infusion of dried herbs. As the liquid unfolds, a harmonious interplay of woodland spice and the velvety smoothness of hazelnut syrup delights the palate. The finish leaves behind a lingering of comforting vanilla.

Celebrating the launch of METHOD AND MADNESS Single Malt, Barrett Stapleton, Head Distiller at Irish Distillers’ Micro Distillery, exclaims:

“At Midleton, we don’t typically produce single malt, but the Micro Distillery provides us with an unparalleled playground to experiment and play with different ingredients. In creating this expression, the team ventured beyond the realms of the norm at Midleton, unlocking new flavours and the result is a truly unique expression.”

Distiller Henry Donnelly adds:

“Exemplifying the true essence of the METHOD AND MADNESS ethos, this distillation campaign was the very first innovation I experienced when I joined the team as a graduate distiller in 2016. I am incredibly proud to have seen this whiskey develop through distillation, maturation and now its launch as part of the METHOD AND MADNESS family. I believe this expression will surprise and captivate whiskey enthusiasts the world over as we bring an added touch of innovation into the world of single malts.”

The innovation does not stop at the liquid itself; METHOD AND MADNESS Single Malt is presented in a bespoke bottle, designed to pay homage to the landscape surrounding the precious grain. The bottle glows with golden hues mirroring the barley fields and the sun’s warm radiance, complemented by the vivid blue of the sky and the earthy tones of Irish soil.

Bottled at 46% ABV, the limited-edition METHOD AND MADNESS Single Malt Irish Whiskey will be available from 15th November in Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Norway, Brand Homes, France, Global Travel Retail and online at the RRP of €95.