Molton Brown’s Vintage Christmas celebration

Molton Brown’s Vintage Christmas celebration

This sparkling new festive limited edition collection, Molton Brown Vintage 2015 With Elderflower is inspired by the abundant vineyards and cellars of vintage cuvée in Champagne-Ardenne, northern France, it features a bath and shower gel, body lotion, single wick candle and festive bauble.

Fizzy, uplifting top notes of grapefruit and mandarin are married to an elegant floral heart of petitgrain and English elderflower and in the base, a symphony of warm tonka bean and sophisticated vetiver.

Soothing elderflower has been used as a key ingredient in face and body moisturisers since the Victorian era. Sourced from England, our extract softens skin and adds a fresh, crisp note to the collection.

London via Champagne-Ardenne Capturing the essence of a refined celebration in a breathtaking French chateau, the blend inspirits that moment of anticipation and ultimate effervescence ahead of parties; crystal glasses on silver trays, toasts to intimate reunions. The sparkle of that very special moment.

As a resplendent toast to the extravagant, spirited ambience of the festive season, this very distinctive citrus scent is intricately composed with the finest, most exclusive ingredients.

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Molton Brown Vintage 2015 £36.00

Molton Brown Vintage 2015 Bauble £11

Molton Brown Vintage 2015 Elderflower Bath &Shower Gel £20.00

Molton Brown Vintage 2015 Elderflower Body Lotion £26.00


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