The second chapter of Montblanc’s The Library Spirit campaign spotlights the rich literary heritage of London; the birthplace of countless literary legends and luminaries, this is a city that breathes the written word. Exemplifying timeless British elegance, while nurturing its creative alternative scene – London’s unlikely marriage of the classical with the unconventional makes it a breeding ground for inspiration and innovation.

The campaign featuring actor James Norton and model and singer-songwriter Karen Elson takes place at the prestigious London Library, renowned globally for its legacy as a leading literary institution. Since opening in 1841, thousands of the world’s greatest writers and thinkers have been intimately associated with the library, drawing on its extensive collection to produce numerous canonical masterpieces. Pioneering diversity, intellectual curiosity and ground-breaking ideas, this setting brings Montblanc into its own analogous universe of words.

The Soft line

For our London episode, Montblanc Creative Director Marco Tomasetta has reinvented our Soft line through the lens of this city’s uniquely dichotomous character. Traditional designs incorporate a contemporary perspective, preserving their perennial character and celebrating London’s creative blend of classic and alternative style.

Evoking London as the inspiration and home of seminal works of literature, art and architecture; elegant pieces pay homage to classic literary adventure, while timeless design commemorates the art and culture of writing. Alongside a fundamental appreciation of heritage, in the London spirit, the entire collection is infused with an edge of modernity and punctuated with an alternative style.