Montblanc adds new colours and functions to its Extreme collection.

Whether racing from one flight to the next, cycling to a meeting or rushing through the streets from the gym to a business presentation, the hectic demands of life require leather companions built to endure the challenges that come with daily urban adventures. Montblanc adds new designs in classic black to its Montblanc Extreme leather collection including a Messenger Bag, Phone Accessory Case and a Pen Pouch, as well as new colour variants in deep blue, blue with brown trimming and a sporty bicolour combination of grey and black plain leather.

By blending traditional leather manufacturing processes in use since 1926 and new techniques applied by the Maison, the Montblanc Extreme leather collection builds a bridge between a long tradition of fine craftsmanship and a constant quest for innovation. The functionality of the Montblanc Extreme collection is balanced with distinctively sleek and contemporary aesthetics. In the original black colour of the collection, Montblanc introduces a Messenger Bag with a double zip top, designed as a practical yet stylish companion for the urban adventurer. While it offers plenty of inside space to hold technology devices, up to 3 writing instruments and other personal belongings inside its smartly organized compartments and practical pockets with easy access, it is compact enough to make it an ideal companion for daily expeditions through the city. Because smart phones are an essential part of today’s connected life, the Montblanc Extreme collection now features a round Phone Accessory Case with a zip closure that accommodates all essential mobile phone accessories including a power adapter, charging cable and earphones. A single-pen Pen Pouch with a zip around ensures its owner’s favourite writing instrument is safeguarded from the elements and protected from other items during travel.

The collection is matched by the contemporary yet timeless look of calfskin leather with a subtle woven carbon fiber look featuring a mat and shiny lustre. Functional and stylish, signature pieces from the Montblanc Extreme collection are available in deep blue with the introduction of elegant colour combinations. The large and small City Backpacks with their smart storage solutions for laptops, other technology devices and writing instruments elegantly combine the deep blue Montblanc Extreme leather with a dark brown trim. This masculine colour pairing has been applied to the Document Slim Case with its multiple inside compartments, pockets and an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap. Essential accessories that complement the bags, smaller Montblanc Extreme leather goods are available in a grey/black combination or deep blue including Wallets, Pocket Holders and Business Card Holders.

With new Montblanc Extreme styles and colours, life’s achievers and everyday adventurers have even more ways to be prepared to take on the unexpected twists and turns of life.

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