Luxury watch and accessories brand Montblanc has added William Trubridge to its family of ‘Mark Makers’. The Briton is the world’s deepest freediver, having descended 102 metres (334 feet) completely unaided and on a single breath.

For good measure, he also holds 18 freediving records and has achieved six world championship titles.

So that surely makes him the ideal athlete to represent Montblanc’s line of timepieces, particularly its Iced Sea collection and specifically the new Iced Sea 0 Oxygen Deep 4810, the sports watch that can descend to 4,810 metres below sea level.

Montblanc noted that last number represents the height in metres of the Mont Blanc mountain after which it’s named and the depths to which the watch can descend under water, “linking the mountain to the ocean, and mountaineering to freediving, two activities that the Montblanc Iced Sea 0 Oxygen Deep 4810 takes in its stride”.

These timepieces also feature several benefits for athletes “who need their equipment to work in extreme environments”. Zero oxygen inside the case not only eliminates fogging, which can occur with drastic temperature changes in the water, but also prevents oxidisation. Without oxygen, all the components last longer and will provide unfaltering precision over time, says Montblanc.

The new diving watch is housed in a 43mm titanium case with a shield protecting the screw-down crown and a case back adorned with a 3D engraving of the view divers see when diving underneath the ice.

This effect is created in a three-dimensional coloured relief that’s achieved by a process of laser-generated oxidisation that structures the metal with both matte and shiny finishes to create contrasts of colour and texture.