Bottega opens a second Prosecco Bar at Prague’s Vaclav Havel International Airport. This new facility is located in the departure area of Terminal 2 (Shengen zone).

Sandro Bottega, President of Bottega S.p.A., states. “The opening of a second Prosecco Bar in Prague confirms the strength of a format that is highly appreciated by consumers. It is now the airport operators themselves who are proposing us to collaborate on the opening of new locations. Bottega, thanks to its consolidated presence on the shelves of Duty Free and Travel Retail outlets, is a well-known and appreciated brand that represents an important driver for every Prosecco Bar.”

This catering and café formula offers visibility to Bottega wines, spirits and liqueurs and, at the same time, promotes the wine and food culture of our country in the name of taste.

The Prosecco Bar format was launched in 2014 on board the Viking Group’s ship Cinderella, which operates on the Baltic Sea. Over the years it was then introduced at the international airports of Rome Fiumicino, Dubai, Venice, Istanbul, London Stansted, Birmingham, Abu Dhabi, Bologna, Milan Malpensa and the two Bulgarian airports of Burgas and Varna, in London at the BOKAN 38th & 39th Rooftop Bar, in Guernsey (Channel Islands) on the terrace of the Slaughterhouse, inside the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Muscat in Oman, at the English racecourses of Bath and Windsor and, with a different formula, at the Belluno station.

‘Prosecco Bar’ is a concept created by Bottega with the aim of exalting the excellence of our country and gratifying the palate of the typical consumer. Specifically, it re-proposes the philosophy of the Venetian bacaro, that is, of an informal osteria, where food is presented both as ‘cicheti’, or appetisers to be eaten at the counter, and as more structured dishes to be served at the tables. The combination with Prosecco, favoured for its versatility, and with other Italian wines closes the circle and contributes to making every short or long moment spent in a bacaro a pleasant experience that enriches the spirit and refreshes the soul.

Bottega Prosecco Bar is therefore an evolution of this proposal which, extrapolated from the Venetian reality, can be reproduced all over the world. This has given rise to the “Bottega Bacaro”‘ philosophy, the backbone of which is the ‘Perfect Match’, i.e. the ideal combination of typical food from Italian regional cuisines and the various wines offered by Bottega. It is therefore not a selection of starred recipes that are difficult to reproduce, but a homogeneous ensemble of traditional dishes, capable of giving great satisfaction to palates of all latitudes. The articulated range of wines, which includes Prosecco, sparkling wines made from prized grape varieties, prestigious reds (Amarone, Brunello di Montalcino, Ripasso), dessert wines, the selection of white and barrique grappas, together with the wide range of fruit and cream-based liqueurs, make Bottega a leading player on the beverage scene, capable of fully satisfying consumer tastes. The Treviso-based company is therefore a solid partner that is appreciated for its ability to offer different products with consistently high-quality standards.

In recent years, the Prosecco Bar offer has been progressively expanded to include signature cocktails, created ad hoc by expert bartenders, organic wines and liqueurs and, more recently, alcohol-free sparkling wines, which are emerging as a new consumer trend.