Oakley’s Prizm™ Gaming 2.0 Collection makes Prizm Gaming lenses available for the first time without a prescription, so you can enjoy the benefits of Prizm Gaming 2.0 no matter your vision needs.

Designed for gamers and available without a prescription, Oakley’s proprietary Prizm Gaming™ 2.0 Lens Technology has been developed for OLED & LED displays. It reduces blue light with minimal color shift while reducing glare from screens and providing sharp visual acuity. Uniquely optimized to attenuate light from OLED and LED screens to reduce blue light exposure emitted from the newest of screens, it helps eyes stay comfortable during long gaming sessions and it is engineered with specific Oakley lens designs that help you see more clearly. Regarding its Blue Light filtering properties, Prizm Gaming™ 2.0 filters 30% LED blue light (400-500nm).

A fresh path from the trailblazers of style, this design inspired by influential athletes is shaped with a classic keyhole bridge and the curves of rounded lens orbitals, and we engineered it with the convenience of an interior kick-up feature that lets you clip it to your shirt.

The collection, which is available at some World Duty Free stores, includes the gaming-specific style NXTLVL and popular headset compatible styles like Holbrook, Pitchman R, and Wheel House, all equipped with the newest generation of Prizm Gaming lenses that have been updated to decrease the yellow tint visible to the naked eye and optimized for both OLED and LED screens.