Origins brings ‘Calm to Your Senses’

Origins brings ‘Calm to Your Senses’

Origins new Calm to Your Senses stress-relieving face mask helps to soothe and calm skin and boost skin’s moisture levels. With potent Buckbean and St. Paul’s Wort, the new mask helps supports skin’s repair after being exposed to stress during the day. The relaxing ten-minute mask features a stress-relieving Lavender essential oil blend which helps to soothe and relax the mind, while natural hydrators restore moisture.

Lavender: Originally cultivated in the Mediterranean region, lavender has been used for over 2,500 years for its pleasant fragrance and healing qualities.
Buckbean: Found in the U.S., Buckbean was traditionally used as a remedy for illnesses due to its relaxant properties. The plant grows in spongy marshes and shallow water.
St Paul’s Wort: Native to Europe, the herb has traditionally been used in the treatment of depression and topical skin concerns including burns and lesions.
Heather extract: Found in the Scottish Highlands, the extract was known to be used to treat coughs, consumption and to soothe the nerves. Known for its natural healing properties.
Lavender Oil, Mandarin Oil, Chamomile Oil Essential oil blend: is stress-relieving essential oil to calm and relax.

Calm to Your Senses™ Stress-relieving face mask is clinically proven to:
 Helps release tense-looking skin
 Boost skin’s radiance
 Calm and soothe with unique Essential Oil blend

USAGE: Spread a generous layer over clean face. Wait 10 minutes. Massage in any excess.

Stress-relieving face mask is available now at Origins Travel Retail locations worldwide.

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