Established in the 17th century, Berry Bros. & Rudd is a family business soaked in history. The wine and spirit merchant’s flagship shop at No. 3 St James’s Street, London has been open since 1698 and, apparently,  is a regular stop-off for Paul Smith when he is in the mood for a tipple. Now the two have teamed up on a special Valentine’s Day pair of wines… 

“I’ve been drinking Good Ordinary Claret and Good Ordinary White from Berry Bros. & Rudd for many years”, said Paul. “Berrys is a real institution with a great history. It’s great to be asked to design a special label.”

Berry Bros. & Rudd’s Creative Director, Geordie Willis, explained that he hopes this collaboration will be the first in a series of partnerships with Britain’s leading designers.

When deciding on the design for his label, Paul recognised that wine is best when it’s shared with a loved one. With this in mind he decided to use this opportunity to create a wine with romantic overtones.

“I’m probably just an old romantic but I’ve always taken Valentine’s Day seriously”, said Paul, “with a nice card and a gift for my wife. So I think that creating a label is a great bit of fun and it’s a nice thing that you can give to a loved one.“

For Paul’s special edition bottles, roughly cut shapes are used to create a pure and joyful message of love. Finally, Paul’s recognisable handwriting adds a personal touch.

There will be 5,000 bottles of Paul’s Good Ordinary Claret and its partner, Good Ordinary White. The wine will be sold in cases of 12 bottles priced at £97.92 for the Good Ordinary Claret and £95.12 for the Good Ordinary White. The special-edition bottles will be available from February 1st, in time for Valentine’s Day, from

No word yet on whether the wines will make an appearance in the Paul Smith shops at London Heathrow Terminal 2, 3 and 5.