Limited-time bespoke Penfolds wine experience at one of Europe’s busiest airports.

Treasury Wine Estates (TWE), in partnership with Dufry, has unveiled its first-ever bespoke Penfolds Wine and Champagne Bar in the travel retailer’s World Duty Free store at Heathrow Terminal 5 as part of Penfolds 175th anniversary celebrations.

This unique installation will showcase select Penfolds wines, with the hero being the recently released Penfolds limited edition Champagne, jointly developed by Penfolds and Champagne House Thiénot. The 2012 Champagne Thiénot x Penfolds Chardonnay Pinot Noir Cuvée will be sold exclusively in World Duty Free stores at Heathrow Terminal 5 for the promotional period. From 25 September through 22 October, the Penfolds Wine and Champagne Bar which will be situated in the Contentainment area in the World Duty Free store will enable travellers to fully immerse themselves in a fine wine experience and tastings. Hosted by brand ambassadors these sessions will bring to life the stories behind some of Australia’s most famous and acclaimed red and white wines and showcase some of the signature wine varietals from Penfolds. In conjunction with this luxury tasting experience, travellers will also be invited to create their own Penfolds digital Gif for sharing on social media. For the first time in Europe, consumers will also be able to personalise Penfolds ribbons to enhance the gifting occasion and make their purchase more unique.

“Today, we are honoured to partner with Dufry to launch our first Penfolds tasting bar to showcase our Penfolds wines to travellers and shoppers in their World Duty Free store at Heathrow Terminal 5. Through our partnership to make wine a travel retail destination, TWE and Dufry have invested to bring unique experiences such as this Penfolds tasting experience, that excites consumers and also positions our brands in ways that drive footfall, conversion and spend in the wine category. We are committed to continue delivering brands and products that will help grow the wine business in travel retail,” said Simon Carter, General Manager, Travel Retail, Treasury Wine Estates.

Commenting on the Penfolds Wine and Champagne Bar in World Duty Free, David de Miguel, Global Category Head of Liquor at Dufry said: “Penfolds is a highly recognisable luxury wine brand in Travel Retail, and is sought after by globally mobile luxury travellers. This collaboration to launch a special Tasting Bar provides an excellent opportunity for Penfolds to tap into a well-segmented travel customer base at Europe’s busiest airport. It also highlights the close partnership we have with the brand, as we continue to work together to help build awareness and draw new consumers into the Penfolds franchise.”

“For 175 years, Penfolds has been grounded in innovation, determination and uncompromising quality and has long been recognized as an icon of Australian fine wine,” said Pieta Jordan, Global Marketing Manager, Global Travel & On Premise, Treasury Wine Estates. “For the second time, Penfolds was named the World’s Most Admired Wine Brand in 2019, and this installation at one of Europe’s busiest airports allows us to invite travellers to experience Penfolds, a luxury brand becoming known as a benchmark of quality and sophistication amongst luxury consumers. Through elevating the shopping environment with unique experiences, we are able to better connect with shoppers and drive deeper brand engagement, supporting our journey to showcase Penfolds to the world. We are excited to bring to London our unique offering – the limited-release 2012 Champagne Thiénot x Penfolds Chardonnay Pinot Noir Cuvée, which can only be purchased through Dufry during this limited time.”