Puig has launched Penhaligon’s Potions and Remedies collection in travel retail Middle East in partnership with Dubai Duty Free and Qatar Duty Free. In line with the British perfumer’s distinctive brand identity, the campaign engages with passengers through strong storytelling that comes to life in the vibrant pop-up displays located in Dubai International Airport and Hamad International Airport.

The Potions and Remedies activations launched in the region on August 20th and will welcome passengers to a world of fragrant concoctions until the end of October. The campaign tells the tale of master apothecarist William Penhaligon, working away in his secret workshop, creating the perfect lineup of remedies, concoctions crafted to channel feelings of serenity, love, vigour, courage and desire – five feelings for five beautiful scents. Each potion is accompanied by a quirky cautionary tale – “Be careful: you might fall in love” – adding a touch of sophisticated playfulness to the campaign.

Located in a high visibility area in Dubai International Airport’s Concourse D, the Potions and Remedies collection comes to life with a 360-degree circular pop-up, inviting passengers to enter Penhaligon’s world of scent. Highlighting the quirkiness of the campaign, the activation features a luxurious laboratory set up to follow the story of William Penhaligon. Decorative pipes connected to glass beakers filled with each potion create the main focal point of the pop-up, sparking curiosity and encouraging passengers to stop and experience the Potions and Remedies collection. To further highlight the activation, eye-catching large-scale visuals hangs above the pop up, featuring some of the key ingredients and themes present in each potion.

At Hamad International Airport, the launch is receiving further amplification at core cosmetics counters and core perfume and cosmetics locations, both featuring the William Penhaligon’s Laboratory concept. In addition to the glass beakers and decorative pipes, the cosmetics counter display also features key ingredients used in each fragrant formula, inviting consumers to experience the natural powers of the various herbs, plants and flowers used to brew these powerful potions.

Penhaligon’s new Potions and Remedies collection features five scents, each distilled with potent powers to excite, cheer, calm or seduce. Vra Vra Vroom invites vigour into one’s life and channels the enthusiasm and energy of a blooming spring. Eau da Audacity allows one to discover their true § Penhaligon’s Potions & Remedies collection features five new fragrances § Launched in Dubai and Doha with immersive pop-up activations § Engaging global travellers through powerful storytelling self through courage in a seductive and strong scent. Liquid Love invokes desire with a fresh and spicy base note that is full of feeling. A Balm of Calm offers a dose of composure with a unique tranquillity blend featuring lavender. A Kiss of Bliss delivers elation in a bottle with a spritz of eternal floral bliss.