The new Travel Exclusive collection from Pilgrim serves elevated classics for the global citizens of the world.

AN ODE TO BEING PRESENT right here right now

The new Spring 2023 Travel Exclusive collection from Pilgrim is an ode to being present – of being right here, right now. Anchored in the belief that the biggest gift we can give ourselves and our surroundings is the gift of being present, the Right Here, Right Now campaign is a manifestation of choosing the moment rather than dwelling on yesterday or worrying about tomorrow.

The 2023 campaign encourages you to be present and chase the feeling of being RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. Pilgrim’s new travel exclusive collection will launch on January 19th, and the entire collection of more than 30 pieces will be available across all duty-free channels.

ALL MADE BY HAND, heart AND mind

“We are proud of being a family-run and operated company. All our products are carefully designed in Denmark by a skillful team of designers with meticulous attention to every little nuance and detail. Our collections are designed to harmonize with your existing jewellery wardrobe, blending classic and timeless with contemporary and on trend – all made by hand, heart and mind. We are an international brand encouraging an extraordinary every day by providing jewellery for everyone who wants to join our journey and wishes to express themselves. Our designs reflect a well-travelled world of jewellery crossing borders and cultures while remaining true to our Scandinavian heritage.”