Prada Beauty’s new Astral Pink lip balm is the latest brainchild of Miuccia Prada, whose namesake fashion house relaunched its beauty division in 2024. Today, the line features an array of eyeshadows, lipsticks, lip balms, and makeup brushes, as well as a face cream, cleanser, and serum—all in addition to its best-selling fragrances.

The Prada Colour Changing Lip Balm is an evolution to what has already been introduced. This luxurious balm adapts to the PH of your lips so that the blue bullet transforms into an Astral Pink upon contact with lips. This colour changing process is courtesy of our breakthrough formula with Micro-Blushing™ Technology. The application delivers a unique, rosy glowing finish. Lip colour is enhanced, and lip tone is revived thanks to the unique formula.

An infusion of bifidus extract and jojoba oil glides on smoothly to moisturize the lips and strengthens the lip barrier. This colour changing hydrating balm offers up to 24 hours of comfort.


1. Remove cap and rotate tube
2. Gently and evenly apply on top and bottom lip
3. Retract balm bullet and enjoy 24 hours of comfort


● All day comfort ( 24 hours)
● Hydrating
● Micro-Blushing™
● Refillable