Prada is the latest addition to Unifree Duty Free operated shopping area “The Bosphorus Zone” at the new Istanbul Airport.

Latest addition to Bosphorus Zone: iconic luxury brand Prada

Prada is the latest addition to Luxury Hill in the Bosphorus Zone. The new storeoccupies a total area of over 164 square metres and is dedicated to women’s and men’s collections of leather goods, footwear and accessories. The store façade is characterised by a video-wall, that frames the large entrance, inspired by Prada Epicenter in New York’s ‘Alternating Currents’ wallpaper. Whilst the interior includes canvas-lined walls in shades of green and is defined by the chequered floor of black and white marble, inspired by the historic Prada store in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan. Display surfaces in green Aver marble, wield polished steel display counters and velvet seats make the environment modern and refined.

Sinan İscimenler: “Our partnership with Prada is a step towards our aim to create an impressive luxury Travel Retail experience.”

Sinan Iscimenler, Unifree’s Director of Business Development, shared his views on Prada partnership stating “Prada, as unique and iconic as the Bosphorus, is a brand that we are very proud to see in Istanbul Airport. Our partnership with Prada is a step towards our aim to create an impressive luxury Travel Retail experience. Timeless with its elegant design and in fashion with its digital façade, Prada definitely reflects the soul of Bosphorus Zone.”

Jan Richter, Director of Purchasing Fashion & Accessories at Gebr. Heinemann, shared his views on Prada partnership stating “As an iconic brand, Prada is a key presence in Travel Retail and we are very proud to partner with them at Istanbul Airport. Prada perfectly complements the airport’s brand portfolio. In addition, its stunning digital façade is a perfect match for Istanbul Airport’s Travel Retail environment, which promotes innovation and distinctiveness.”

Bosphorus Zone brings the spirit of Istanbul to the world

There are 65 brands and 90 stores, consisting of global and Turkish brands and stores, in the duty-free shopping zone Bosphorus Zone, the architecture of which was designed with inspiration from the Bosphorus in Istanbul.

Bosphorus Zone, where global and local trends can be instantly followed in one single international place, consists of stores appealing to passengers of all budgets and all profiles. Bosphorus Zone is divided in 7 different sections, being “Fashion Garden”, “Family Palace”, “Luxury Hill: Jewelry and Watches”, “Luxury Hill: Fashion and Accessories”, “Style Beach” and “Icon Gulf”.