Miu Miu debuts its Private Wishes Holiday 2022 campaign, which embraces contrasting aspects. Actresses You-mi Lee and Esther McGregor, who is also the daughter of actor Ewan McGregor, and model Mona Tougaard are featured in the advertisements.

The designs, which Tyrone Lebon photographed, include extremely short tops, skirts with embellishments, and sparkling jewelry. The collection takes the approach that fashion should be like a uniform, but it also has elements of playfulness, such as glitter and feathers.

“A conversation between clothing reduced to its beautiful essence and detail richness and the functionality merged with aesthetics are conceived to stimulate imagination and to appeal to personal fantasies, all of them different, individual, gently provocative.” Miu Miu

The Miu Wander bag, crafted from three-dimensional matelassé napa leather, takes the stage as the accessory that steals the show. Be Good Studios’ Lina Kutsovskaya works on art direction for the holiday campaign. Don’t forget to check out Miu Miu’s latest jewellery, modeled by Isadora Bjarkardóttir Barney.