A collaboration at the crossroads of sophisticated heritage, the search for design innovation, the power of youth, self-expression, and palpable emotions. Emilio Pucci’s elegance meets the contemporary spirit of Christelle Kocher, head designer of Koché and guest designer for the Emilio Pucci’s collection.
A reinterpretation of the extraordinary archives of the Florentine Maison, starting with a new logo welcoming KOCHÉ within the artistic universe of Emilio Pucci. An equilibrium is reached through the shared sensitivity of the two creative entities at play.

The culmination of this collaboration is a futuristic cat-eye, an ironic model with gritty allure providing a bold and captivating look to whoever wears it. The sunglasses featuring a maxi Pucci logo are available in four different colour combinations of green with lilac, orange with cyclamen, pure black and pure white.

The style is sold together with a bold chain color matched with the frame in typical Pucci hues. The sunglasses also come with a mini-pouch and are available in all Emilio Pucci boutiques globally, select retail stores and online through emiliopucci.com and koche.fr