The 2018 campaign, shot on location in Texas, is made up of four images, each embodying a different Ray-Ban style and is a continuation of the 2017 campaign, also shot by Klein.

While the 2017 campaign’s inspiration was about people leaving their life behind, “the new campaign is about freedom and letting go,” Klein explained. “Living in turbulent times, one of the things that evokes that for many people is a road trip. This campaign represents that no matter what hardships come your way, you can be an individual, go on your own path and experience fun, optimism, creativity, love…everybody’s looking for their own personal freedom.”

The new assortment consists of three sun options — the marshal, wayfarer blaze and aviator evolve — as well as one optical option — the hexagonal. Each gets their own narrative under Klein’s direction, “a musician and an artist; a young female film director; a social activist, and a young Jack Kerouac.”

The updated range is available on and retails from $163 to $188. The campaign launches first on and then on the brand’s social channels.