Rémy Martin pops up at Paris CDG

Rémy Martin pops up at Paris CDG

The House of Rémy Martin, in partnership with Lagardère Travel Retail, has opened its very first pop-up shop at Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport. From January to the end of February a large space of 29 square metres in Terminal 2E S4 is showcasing the Rémy Martin and Louis XIII cognac brands.

On entering the pop-up, the traveller will be facing the ‘Opulence Revealed’ table, a ground-breaking, multi-sensory and interactive tasting experience that will reveal the unique style of the House and the exceptional flavours of two iconic Rémy Martin cognacs from the Cellar Master’s Selection, which are exclusive to travel retail: Cellar n°16 and Cellar n° 28.
Consumers are invited to nose and taste both these cognacs and also a selection of the many elements displayed on the central table, including flowers, fruit, nuts and spices, which are designed to stimulate their senses and enable them to identify the flavour profiles and aroma characteristics of each expression.

This intimate experience will be brought to life through a detailed explanation by a trained ambassador of each of the steps of production, from the harvesting of the grapes in the Grande and Petite Champagne regions of France through distillation, maturation and, finally, blending.

Sabine Fagan, Executive VP Purchasing, Lagardère Travel Retail said: “Travelling consumers have demonstrated a passion for unique and innovative brand experiences which allow them to engage directly with the suppliers of spirits that catch their eye, to taste them in a relaxed and informal setting, and to learn a little more about their heritage. An airport, where shoppers have a little time to dwell, is an ideal theatre in which to conduct such a performance and we are sure that the delightful Rémy Martin pop-up will be a wonderful addition to the retail area.”

In addition to this exceptional tasting experience, travellers are able to discover other cognacs from the House of Rémy Martin.

Making a début appearance at a European airport is Rémy Martin “Carte Blanche à Baptiste Loiseau”, the first of a new collection of limited editions which embody the spirit of the House. Only 7,000 bottles of Carte Blanche n°1 have been created, each one individually numbered.

“Carte Blanche à Baptiste Loiseau” won a Gold Award in the 2016 International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC), demonstrating the excellent quality of its blend.

Starring alongside Rémy Martin in the Paris airport pop-up is LOUIS XIII Cognac.

Louis XIII is showcasing the first decanter of the new collection inspired by milestones in the history of LOUIS XIII. The first release, “LOUIS XIII TIME COLLECTION: The Origin – 1874”, is a tribute to the date of the creation of LOUIS XIII.

The handmade crystal decanter and its stopper are inspired by the first LOUIS XIII decanter made in 1874, itself inspired by a flask from the 16th century. This edition is presented in a metal case featuring a sleek woven texture, a modern reinterpretation of the wicker baskets in which the original bottles of LOUIS XIII were delivered.

François Van Aal, Regional Director EMEA, Rémy Cointreau Global Travel Retail, commented: “In the cellars of Rémy Martin we are blessed with excellent reserves of eaux-de-vie which offer our Cellar Master Baptiste Loiseau a thrilling range of blending opportunities. The pop-up at Paris CDG airport provides us with the perfect occasion to invite consumers to enjoy an intimate tasting and food pairing experience of some of the most extraordinary expressions to emerge from those cellars.”

The Rémy Martin pop-up store at Paris CDG Terminal 2E – S4 is open every day in January and February from early morning until 2pm.



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