Remy Martin unveils LOUIS XIII Time Collection – Limited edition Cognac

Remy Martin unveils LOUIS XIII Time Collection – Limited edition Cognac

LOUIS XIII launches The Time Collection, a series of unique limited editions showcasing milestones in the History of LOUIS XIII, with first release being “The Origin – 1874”…

This autumn, LOUIS XIII travels back through time with the launch of The Time Collection, a series of exclusive limited editions that pay tribute to the History of LOUIS XIII, an invitation to take a journey through many lands and times, a tale of legends, celebrities and statesmen.

Like the great adventurers travelling to experience the thrill of discovery, The Time Collection recounts the LOUIS XIII journey in a story that shares its celebrated adventures and relives great landmarks of human history.

LOUIS XIII has always been a stylish witness to many of the most significant events of our age: in 1900 awarded at the Paris World Fair; in 1929 aboard the fabled Orient Express; in 1935 at the inaugural sailing of the S.S. Normandie; in 1938 celebrating the royal visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to Versailles; in 1944 celebrating the liberation of France with Charles de Gaulle; and in 1984 aboard the supersonic Concorde at Mach 2. That proud legacy endures today as LOUIS XIII continues to transcend Time.

With each edition set to tell a special chapter in this fascinating story, “The Origin – 1874” is the first of a thrilling series of key milestones in the brand’s History that will be released every two years.

The cognac presented in this exclusive decanter is the classic LOUIS XIII blend of up to 1,200 eaux-de-vie drawn exclusively from Grande Champagne. It is named “The origin – 1874” as a tribute to the original decanter created in 1874.

“The Origin – 1874”

In honour of the act of genius dreamed up by Paul-Émile Rémy Martin in 1874, LOUIS XIII therefore presents a special edition that returns to the design of the very first decanters used 142 years ago, from the moment Paul-Émile Rémy Martin purchased an ancient royal flask unearthed by a farmer in a field near Jarnac, the site of a historic battle.

Inspired by its striking shape and regal fleur-de-lys medallions, he decided to create a decanter in its image for a special cognac composed with only the very oldest and rarest eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne in his cellars.

At that time, the decanter’s distinctive features included 13 dentelle spikes – not the usual 10 spikes we know now – and a unique stopper in the form of an upturned decanter instead of a fleur-de-lys. The neck and collar seal are in a champagne-gold hue, exclusive to this edition.


Made of pure Saint-Louis crystal, the decanter is housed in an elegant metal case and features a sleek woven texture, a modern reinterpretation of the wicker baskets in which the original bottles of LOUIS XIII were delivered. It is sealed with a slender metal rod, like the baskets were in their day.

“The greatest stories often have humble beginnings and ours is no exception,” says Ludovic du Plessis, LOUIS XIII Global Executive Director. “It was 1874 and a new, yet very old cognac was born. A true act of genius, housed in a decanter so unmistakable it has travelled through five centuries and still lives on today. “The Origin – 1874” marks one of the landmark moments in LOUIS XIII fascinating story, and it will become part of your own personal legacy and tale.”

“The Origin – 1874” first edition in the Time Collection will be available globally at selected fine wine and spirits merchants and in the LOUIS XIII boutique in Beijing at an RSP of 5,000€.

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    This will also be available at Sydney International Airport