Available in 1,200 airports around the world, Russian Standard Vodka has announced the exclusive launch of its 7th Global Travel Retail limited edition bottle — Malachite.

Developed by the company’s Design Studio in London, this limited edition bottle is inspired by one of the most mesmerising and evocative gemstones — malachite, and reflects Russian Standard Vodka’s smooth, superior taste

Glorified in Russian folklore, malachite became the material of artists, and was synonymous with the luxury of the Russian Romanov dynasty, with pieces made from malachite becoming objects of desire.

Embracing the stone’s vibrant green hues and flowing lines, a dynamic and visually expressive articulation of Russian Standard Vodka has been created for this special edition; appealing to a contemporary generation looking for authentic brands with powerful, visual impact. With over 600 million millennial travellers globally, representing more than 50% of total travellers, it is important that brands story tell and engage with their consumers. Russian Standard Vodka is the perfect combination of heritage, authenticity and craftsmanship.

The new Malachite edition showcases a vibrant new expression of modern Russia, and expresses the complex and ever-evolving spirit of Russian Standard Vodka.

The exclusive edition is available in international airports in Moscow, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Oslo, Copenhagen and other key global airports.

Russian Standard Vodka is ranked #5 largest vodka brand and #21 largest spirit brand among top 100 spirits brands in the Travel Retail channel, according to the International Wine and Spirit research in 2019.