Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) has become the latest carrier to announce plans to remove inflight duty-free sales, as part of a target to cut emissions by 25 per cent by 2030.

The decision follows a similar move by KLM earlier this year. In a statement SAS said:

“Tax-free sales have long been a popular service onboard our flights amongst passengers who have used it, but our passengers’ buying behaviour has changed and sustainability has become more important than ever before – for both our passengers and SAS.

“Withdrawing tax-free sales will reduce the overall weight of the aircraft, which in turn will reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Instead, SAS will develop solutions to offer passengers more modern ways of buying and receiving goods in connection with their journey.”

The airline says that inflight duty-free sales will cease this autumn.

SAS is citing the move as part of a wider effort by the airline to improve sustainability, and while the airline will have been wary of reducing its ancillary revenues by taking away inflight duty free sales, it will no doubt also have weighed this against the fuel cost savings of not having to carry duty free items, many of which will remain unsold at the end of the flight.