Brandy producer Seven Tails Distillers has secured the house pour for its XO expression across British Airways lounges at Heathrow Airport.

BA’s Club, Gold and Concorde lounges will pour Seven Tails XO as its house brandy, alongside two cocktails created by the brand’s co-founder, Joel Fraser.

The serves are: the Foxes Tail, a play on the classic Horses Neck, a mix of Seven Tails XO with ginger ale, Angostura Bitters and orange zest; and the Very French Martini, which features Seven Tails XO, pineapple juice and berry liqueur.

Co-founder Arnaud de Trabuc said: “I have been flying on British Airways with great pleasure for many years. As a Gold member, I use the BA lounges frequently.

“Nothing could give me more pleasure than to see Seven Tails XO, the Fox, served in this luxurious environment. It is also a wonderful exposure for our up-and-coming brand and I am sure that BA passengers will enjoy discovering it.”

Seven Tails is also served in BA’s lounges across the US, including in California, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and Washington.