Pernod Ricard Global Travel Retail (PR GTR) has announced the launch of seven ultra-rare Single Cask Editions from Secret Speyside, available exclusively in global travel retail.

This outstanding new series is made up of seven of the most exclusive expressions yet; aged between 21 and 27 years and coming from four of the most revered and elusive distilleries in the renowned Speyside region. These include the vanished distillery of Caperdonich, the pioneering Longmorn distillery, the landmark Glen Keith distillery, and the remote Braes of Glenlivet distillery.

The Secret Speyside Single Cask Editions expertly showcase the depth and diversity behind the distinguished Speyside distilleries, with each edition bearing an undiscovered character that is entirely unique to its individual cask. The expressions have been matured in seven separate American Oak casks, a selection of which were first-fill. All have been meticulously monitored across the years and drawn at their individual pinnacle. The result is a series of seven rare and distinctive new flavour profiles that can never be repeated, perfect for collectors and expertly curated for curious connoisseurs.

Successfully launched in global travel retail across 25 markets in 2019, PRGTR’s team of whisky experts unearthed rare and remarkable single malts from Speyside’s hidden distilleries to develop this handpicked selection of ultra-rare whiskies exclusively to travel retail. Secret Speyside has since expanded into key Single Malt domestic markets including the UK and China.

The launch of the Single Cask Editions, focused on even rarer treasures, is symbolic of how PR GTR is capitalising on the opportunity to enter the growing Premium+ category, offering travel exclusives that bring new stories, depths and liquids to its key retailers, and creating a halo effect for the popular Secret Speyside range.

Liya Zhang, vice-president of marketing, Pernod Ricard Global Travel Retail, commented: “The ultra-rare range of Single Cask Editions fuse the rich heritage and unique characteristics derived from the four celebrated and elusive distilleries at the heart of the revered region of Speyside, presenting travel retail shoppers with a unique opportunity to explore and collect new and rarer treasures.

“As a rich and rapidly growing category, we are thrilled to present this remarkable range of rare Single Cask Editions exclusively to travel retail. The ultra-limited malts present an opportunity for PR GTR to cut-through the Prestige+ category in duty free, offering unique expressions collectors cannot find anywhere else.”

Sandy Hyslop, Chivas Brothers Director of Blending and Inventory, commented: “It is always a satisfying moment for a blending team when we realise a cask we’ve been monitoring for a number of years stands out as being worthy of bottling all by itself. The introduction of these seven new captivating Single Cask releases is a tribute to the exceptional skill and uncompromising dedication that is behind Secret Speyside. Over decades of maturation, an incredibly distinctive range of flavours have developed inside each cask and these stunning new releases, bottled at cask strength, represent an impressive depth to Speyside that is just waiting to be discovered.”

Unique editions from the global travel retail exclusive Secret Speyside Single Cask release will be available to purchase at individual RRPs exclusively across key partners, including:

• Secret Speyside Caperdonich Peated 1996 exclusive to Heinemann, Frankfurt. RRSP $1,050 USD
• Secret Speyside Caperdonich Unpeated 1996 exclusive to Dufry, Heathrow. RRSP $1,050 USD
• Secret Speyside Braes of Glenlivet 1992 exclusive to Dubai Duty Free. RRSP $990 USD
• Secret Speyside Glen Keith 1998 exclusive to CDFG, Shanghai. RRSP $450 USD
• Secret Speyside Glen Keith 1994 exclusive to Lagardère, Hong Kong. RRSP $760 USD
• Secret Speyside Longmorn 1998 exclusive to Lotte, Singapore. RRSP $480 USD
• Secret Speyside Longmorn 1995 exclusive to Everrich, Taiwan. RRSP $800 USD

Prices are subject to change according to exchange rates. For more information on Secret Speyside’s rare malts and their untold stories, visit