First introduced in December last year and sold out within two weeks, the SIA Mahjong Set is now back by popular demand in a brand new colour and design.

The sets are now exclusively available for purchase to KrisFlyer members, and will be open to all shoppers from 16 January 2022 at S$388 (excluding GST).

Hosted under KrisShop’s concept store for exclusive collaborations featuring the unique Singapore Airlines motif, Batik Label by KrisShop, the Mahjong tiles and chips are embellished with the signature motif. From runway lights, aircraft, luggage, to international time zones, this year’s edition incorporates a fresh set of flight-related icons in a new green colourway.

The unique Mahjong set makes the perfect gift for all who are game for a little friendly competition, which is available for right-to-your-doorstep delivery. KrisFlyer members can also use miles to redeem a set, or earn more miles with the purchase of every set.