Bacardi Global Travel Retail has announced a “breakthrough, contemporary innovation in the rum category” – exclusive to the Travel Retail channel – introducing SINGLE CANE ESTATE RUMS, a distinctive collection of premium, aged rums from exceptional sugarcane estates across the Americas. By crafting each rum entirely at a single source in small batches, each expression is unique and fully captures the unique character of its home.

Bacardi says it sees SINGLE CANE ESTATE RUMS as the rum category equivalent of a single malt, echoing the malts category’s detailed emphasis on quality, provenance and education. SINGLE CANE ESTATE RUMS will initially be available in Heinemann airport stores in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin, Vienna, Oslo, Copenhagen, Istanbul and Riga.

The initial launch of SINGLE CANE ESTATE RUMS comprises two variants – Worthy Park Estate from Jamaica and Consuelo Estate from Dominican Republic.

Worthy Park Estate rum is a warm amber rum distilled in small batches using sugar cane harvested from the heart of the Lluidas Vale in the temperate microclimate of the Cockpit Mountains in Jamaica, 1200 feet above sea level – which slows the ageing process and allows the smooth and rich favours to develop gradually. After a watchful fermentation, traditional pot stills are utilized to create the base rums that are selected for aging in American white oak casks between two and five years. Worthy Park Estate rum is available in 1 litre bottles priced at €29.90.

Consuelo Estate rum is a smooth golden rum made from the juice of virgin sugar cane, grown in the coastal plantations of south-eastern Dominican Republic where local farmers have harvested the sugar cane by hand for generations and are highly experienced in selecting only the best varieties when the crop is ready. The rum is shaped by a unique microclimate whose lush fields are exposed to Caribbean sun and cool winds from the sea, resulting in ideal ageing conditions. Consuelo Estate rum is available in 1 litre bottles priced at €27.90.

The bottle design is sleek and contemporary with embossed lettering in the glass and comes with a distinctive gift box complete with the exact latitude and longitude of the estates where the cane is grown, processed and distilled.

Tasting Notes

  • Worthy Park Estate rum: comes to life with a sunrise like warm amber hue and a medium body that forms a few quick legs that hang briefly on the glass.
  • A gentle swirl of the glass releases a wonderful bouquet of Banana crème, vanilla, and plums. As the rum is allowed to breathe, it begins to showcase traits normally associated with sweet Speyside whiskey, like honey and soft violet.
  • On the palate, Worthy Park exudes notes of dried honey stone fruit, tobacco, and Spanish cedar with subtle floral undertones. The finish is clean, long, and pleasantly smooth.
  • Consuelo Estate rum: heavy body shines with a radiant Golden hue that briefly hangs on the glass before developing beautiful rich legs that slowly slide down the glass.
  • On the nose, Consuelo carries delectable notes of honey, dried stone fruit, figs, a sweet toasted nuttiness, and a slight hint of floral, almost white tea like in nature.
  • On the palate, Consuelo rolls on the tongue with a balance of flavor, heat, and smoothness. With notes of honey clusters, dry cocoa, sweet oats, and a slight hint of citrus, this blend finishes smooth and long with a lingering note of sweet oak.
  • Both variants are best enjoyed served with a dash of spring water to open up the aromas and delicate flavours.

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