Dutch brand Sir Edmond has released a larger bottle of its vanilla-infused gin for global duty-free shoppers.

The brand said the one-litre bottle release is part of its ambition to ‘conquer the duty-free travel retail industry in 2024′.

Sir Edmond first made a serious move in travel retail in 2022 when the brand teamed up with Heinemann to make its flagship bottling available in major European airports, including Berlin, Copenhagen and Hamburg.

Of the larger bottle, the brand’s co-founder Dominique Makatita said: “In the ever-evolving landscape of the duty free and travel retail industry, building a spirits brand demands a strategic finesse that impeccably aligns with the market’s unique attributes.

“Duty free shops, strategically located in major international airports and bustling travel hubs worldwide, serve as pivotal gateways to a diverse global audience. Think of popular duty free retailers such as Dufry, DFS (Duty-Free Shoppers), and Heinemann.

“With Sir Edmond Gin, we are reaching into domestic markets across almost every continent more and more.”

The price of the 1l bottle will vary from location and store.

The brand also offers a donation to charity African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) for every bottle it sells.

Makatita added: “The opportune moment has arrived to embrace the duty free and travel retail sector wholeheartedly.

“This strategic move not only complements our brand’s trajectory but positions Sir Edmond Gin as a global player attuned to the preferences of today’s discerning consumers.

“As we navigate the exciting intersection of strategic expansion and visual distinction, Sir Edmond Gin stands to leave an indelible mark in the duty free and travel retail landscape.”