Smells like gin spirit: Bombay Sapphire creates unisex fragrance

Smells like gin spirit: Bombay Sapphire creates unisex fragrance

Bombay Sapphire has teamed with The Powder Room’s fragrance specialist Samantha Taylor to create a limited edition unisex fragrance that captures the citrus heart of gin.

It’s all in the name of fun, food and cocktails, but it’s sure to be a hit among the guests who participate in the brand’s True Artistry collaboration project in Melbourne now and travelling to Sydney next year. The upside is you can top-up on your knock-off drink with a quick spray, but the downside is the bottle isn’t available for purchase (just yet).

Those with a longer memory might recall a 2003 initiative by Bombay Sapphire which created gift sets for duty-free shoppers that included a fragrance and hand cream made with the same botanicals the brand is famous for.

Smells like gin spirit

It makes perfect sense (pardon the pun) to fuse classic spirits with fragrance and Bombay Sapphire is by no means the first. They’ve hit the right note when it comes to intersecting the best of both worlds, and what’s more it could prove a lucrative extension of their brand if they decide to start bottling for profit. It’s about creating something that is fresh and aromatic, clean and a little bit green.


“Gin is incredibly aromatic. A lot of botanicals used in the spirit are also used in fragrance which is why it made sense to make a fragrance,” says Samantha Taylor who has also created a bespoke perfume for fashion designer Toni Maticevski.

“There are already some English brands who create gin fragrances and it’s largely due to the strong British connection to gin and its heritage that we see evidence of this working,” says Taylor.

“As far as what I have created for Bombay Sapphire, the emphasis is on representing those botanicals in the bottle and pitching it to men and women,” she says. “It’s about creating something that is fresh and aromatic, clean and a little bit green.”

Other perfume brands such as The Library of Fragrances create a spring scent in Gin & Tonic, pitch to the purists in Holy Water and embrace smoky notes with Whiskey Tobacco.

Odin New York 09, available at Barneys in the USA, is known for its smoky bourbon and star jasmine notes while Commodity’s Whiskey in a bottle – sealed with notes of bergamot, amber, mahogany and American oak is where you can soak up an Irish whiskey moment with a few spritzes to the wrist.

Penhaligon’s London has mastered the Juniper Sling created by Olivier Cresp – a men’s scent designed to draw you into a world of crisp gin cocktails where angelica, black cherry and amber add to its leathery mix.

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