The House of Suntory is proud to unveil Roku Sakura Bloom Edition, the brand’s first limited-edition gin inspired by the Sakura flower and world-renowned Hanami festival. It is also the first release in the Roku Gin Festival Collection – a global series inviting gin drinkers to experience the pinnacle of every season.

The House of Suntory’s Roku Gin is an articulation of the Japanese concept of shun, the moment when nature is at its peak in flavour and freshness. This limited-edition release, the Roku Sakura Bloom Edition, captures the peak of spring and Japan’s iconic cherry blossom season – including the internationally renowned Hanami Festival – through the soft and elegant floral taste of the Sakura blossom.

Roku Sakura Bloom Edition (43% ABV) will be available for a limited time only. Within the global travel retail channel, it made its debut in Singapore Changi Airport in February. The international roll-out, which began in March, covers key airport locations in Malaysia, Germany, Australia, the UK, Dubai, Thailand, Taiwan, France, Qatar, Hong Kong and the Netherlands. The RRSP is US$32 for 700ml.

James Bowker, Global Advocacy Manager of Beam Suntory, explained: “Shun is a concept unique to Japanese culture. It captures something magical, a moment when the natural world is at its most energised. The Roku Sakura Bloom Edition will be an expression of that concept – a bright and fresh-flavoured gin containing botanicals that are harvested at the peak of their vibrancy and taste.

“The Roku Sakura Bloom Edition provides an immersion into the cultural origins of the product as well as providing a unique taste profile, giving the brand a compelling point of difference in the premium gin market.”

Beam Suntory Brand Marketing Director Global Travel Retail Manuel Gonzalez noted: “We’re very excited to offer Roku Gin’s first ever limited-edition expression to our key travel retail partners. There is still plenty of untapped potential in the premium gin category, and we’re confident that the Roku Sakura Bloom Edition will stand out in-store as a differentiated offering, boost awareness of the brand, and recruit new travelling consumers to the Roku family.”

Taking inspiration from one of the most celebrated Japanese festivals centred around nature and one of Roku’s key ingredients, the Sakura flower (otherwise known as cherry blossom), the Roku Sakura Bloom Edition celebrates annual Hanami “flower viewing” festivals in Japan, capturing the freshness and brightness of springtime. The gin offers a soft and elegant, sweet floral taste, layered with hints of saltiness from the blossom leaves. By intertwining a complex and harmonious blend of six different botanicals, the gin’s sweetness is enhanced, resulting in a delicately complex Roku Gin in full bloom.

The recommended serve for Roku Sakura Bloom Edition is a gin & tonic, with one part Roku Sakura Bloom Edition, three parts tonic water and a pink grapefruit garnish, served over ice in a highball glass.