FOREO has announced their latest signing with 3Sixty group, including major airlines such as Air Macau, Hong Kong Airlines and Malaysia Airlines. The deal will see FOREO listing their LUNA mini 2 with Air Macau and Hong Kong Airlines respectively, while Malaysia Airlines will see a listing of the LUNA mini 2 set.

The newly inked deal adds to an existing roster of sizable travel retail and duty-free partnerships that the brand already boasts, setting FOREO on track for a lucrative 2021. The brand is preparing for an influx in traveling, and hoping to see some growth in SEA as the region slowly adjusts to COVID-19 and re-opens their borders.

Global Travel Retail Director Gary Leong said “There’s no doubt that the pandemic brought a massive drop in air traffic across Asia, but FOREO is not only reinforcing the travel retail doors online, but increasing more in-flight sales across the Asia Pacific skies. Our new deal with 3Sixty group will ensure that we meet 2021 head on, and waste no time recovering our sales after such an unprecedented year. FOREO is looking forward to further expanding next year with more partnership deals currently being discussed as we speak.”

3Sixty Duty Free Executive Vice President Asia, Lee Hwee Ming, added “since the pandemic hits us early 2020, 3Sixty has been working very closely with not just our airline partners, but brands to counter the effect of inflight sales declined via extended channels, brand and product newness. We are happy to see some of our airlines recovering faster than the rest and re-introducing inflight sales as early as Jul20, such as the case of Air Macau. Besides inflight sales, pre-order and home delivery forms an integral omni-channel and for the upcoming Chinese New Year period, the introduction of Foreo onboard Air Macau, Hong Kong Airlines and Malaysia Airlines comes in time during this festive period.”.

3Sixty Duty Free (previously known as DFASS Group), is a world-class leader in retail options for travellers and travel-related audiences. Founded in 1987 by Chairman and CEO Bernard Klepach, 3Sixty has 33 years of experience as the world’s largest in-flight duty-free specialty retailer, and more recently one of the fastest-growing duty-Free and specialty retailers.