Gin brand Tanqueray has debuted its new-look bottle for Tanqueray No. TEN. Originally released in 2000, the No. TEN gin is Tanqueray’s ultra-premium take on its London Dry gin, distilled with additional botanicals of camomile and grapefruit.

The gin takes its name from Tanqueray’s still number 10, known as the ‘Tiny Ten’ still, in which its ‘citrus heart’ is distilled. Tiny Ten’s spirit is used in the final distillation, which is moved to the brand’s larger ‘Old Tom’ still.

The updated bottle design nods to the Tiny Ten still through a copper cap with citrus zester relief. The bottle shape preserves a “citrus press shaped glass structure” at its base to reflect the fruit used in making the spirit. With the ten-faceted profile and red wax seal, the brand aims to forefront the premium, artisanal nature of the spirit.

Master distiller Terry Fraser commented: “Tanqueray No. TEN has always pioneered bringing gin to new levels, and this stunning new bottle is a testament to our craft. Using whole citrus fruits to capture the ‘citrus heart’ in our historic Tiny Ten still sets us apart from other gin distillations, making this the perfect element for the zenith of cocktail making excellence. The gin’s unique balance and refreshing taste are key to creating balanced drinks. It’s a delight to see how it’s used in the best drinks in the world.”

The new-look Tanqueray No. TEN will feature in a series of residencies held at cocktail bars around the world. The first residency will be held in London’s The Connaught Bar. In celebration of the residency, the bar’s director of mixology Ago Perrone has collaborated with actor Stanley Tucci to create a bespoke cocktail. The resultant ‘TENacious’ cocktail takes inspiration from the gin’s botanicals, as well as the flavours of the Negroni and Martini.

Tucci reflected: “Cocktail making is a unique craft, that welcomes curious and inventive minds to push the boundaries of flavour and hospitality. I’m delighted to partner with Tanqueray No. TEN to celebrate bartenders as the true artists that they are, with cocktail residencies across the world. The new bottle is a beautiful homage to the brand’s heritage, craft, and longstanding place in the world of bartending.”