Tennis star Naomi Osaka has announced the launch of her new skincare brand KINLÒ, which is targeted towards people of colour.

The range, which is set to launch in Fall 2021 and retails for under $20, will start with five products – a tinted face lotion with SPF 40, tinted face lotion with SPF 50, body spray, lip balm, and eye cream.

Taking to Instagram to announce the range, Osaka said, “I’m super excited to announce my new skincare line which is full of products to help protect and rejuvenate people of colour/darker skin tones. I hope these products will help people out and inform your guys.”

According to an interview with Business of Fashion, Osaka highlighted that the lack of education regarding the need for SPF, regardless of skin tone, was the catalyst for the new range.

She told the magazine: “This is a public health need. I used to tell people that I didn’t need to wear sunscreen – but even if you have melanin, you need to take care of your skin, and I’m passionate about that.”