London’s Heathrow has launched its new festive ad campaign, reminding people that the most special festive memories are those made with loved ones – and often when reuniting at the world’s most connected airport.

The series of three ads focuses on heart-warming human stories that tug on the heartstrings and convey the importance of traveling to see loved ones during the festive season. The stories focus on togetherness, love and creating precious memories with friends and family.

Each film was shot live at Heathrow Terminal 5, surrounded by passengers starting their journeys. One of the films features two real-life couples, meaning it packs an authentic emotional punch.

The first film, ‘Love’, features a young man and woman strolling through World Duty Free. The woman mentions that five years ago to the day, they travelled abroad to meet the young man’s family. They spy an older couple across the shop, and the young woman says they will be like that one day, spending their days in the sunshine. The young man agrees, and while kissing her forehead, surreptitiously looks down at a box in his right hand – concealing a diamond engagement ring.

The second film, ‘Arrival’, sees a young couple among a multi-generational family about to take a trip. Amidst the hubbub of them preparing to order a pre-fight meal at Gordon Ramsay Plane Food, the matriarch of the family asks the couple what they are going to have, to which they reply, “a baby”. They are met with emotional celebration around the table, as the campaign tagline ‘Heathrow: The Best Memories Start Here’ appears on screen.

The final film, ‘Keepsake’, shows a father and daughter sitting at Terminal 5’s famous Fortnum & Mason bar. The father opens his phone and an ‘on this day’ photo memory flashes up, reminding him that it has been three years since they went on a family trip to Boston with grandad, who is no longer with them. The young woman gets tearful, until the man passes her a handkerchief that had belonged to her grandad. She then reveals that she is wearing her grandad’s lucky coin around her neck. They raise a toast: “Grandad – always with us”.

Ross Baker, Heathrow’s Chief Commercial Officer, said: “Over the years our colleagues across the airport have witnessed countless passenger reunions and memories being made. Of course, trips during the festive season and New Year are particularly special and our films highlight some of these heart-warming moments and show that the best memories start at Heathrow.”

Watch the films here: