The essence of a power only she possesses: La Perla Unveils La Mia Perla scent – update

The essence of a power only she possesses: La Perla Unveils La Mia Perla scent – update

A tribute to female beauty, power and strength, La Perla introduces La Mia Perla: a new scent created by women for women. Born from a desire to express the emotional connection and personal pleasure women feel when wearing scent, La Mia Perla symbolises and celebrates a woman’s potent sensuality, found and owned by her alone. In discovering La Mia Perla – ‘my pearl’ – she becomes her truest self, unapologetically feminine yet full of strength.

La Mia Perla: by women for women
Under the creative direction of Julia Haart, this precious scent brings to life the La Perla vision to enhance powerful yet feminine beauty, first imagined by founder Ada Masotti. Drawing a comparison between the fascinating intricacies of the female form and the mystery surrounding the gems of the deep sea, Ada chose to name her company ‘The Pearl’. Today, Haart – a woman who embodies the values of power, liberation and femininity – continues to tell Ada’s story of sensuality and elegance to empower women worldwide with the introduction of La Mia Perla.

Exuding beauty and femininity, La Mia Perla is the embodiment of a pearl both in shape and presence and is designed to be worn as a personal emblem. Just as the lustre of a pearl evokes power and intrigue, La Mia Perla tells the story of a woman who finds her own sensuality as it emerges to the surface from within. She owns it like she owns herself.

Haart’s vision of female empowerment is embodied by both Master Perfumer Honorine Blanc – who reimagined the inspirations behind La Perla to create La Mia Perla – and campaign model Annika Krijt, who personifies the powerful yet feminine La Perla woman.

Creative Director Julia Haart comments:
“La Perla is synonymous with Italian artisan craft, while bringing women’s innate femininity to the forefront. Everything we create is designed to ensure women feel as beautiful as they look, and the La Mia Perla scent is an extension of that promise. This is truly a scent for women created by women, to be worn for their own pleasure – rather than for anyone else’s.”

The Fragrance
The precious La Mia Perla scent abandons the classic fragrance pyramid structure in favour of a circular, pearl-shaped composition, resulting in one rich symphony that is both infinite and unchanging.

Master Perfumer Honorine Blanc, who created the scent, adds:
“La Mia Perla exists like a pearl—smooth and luminous. From its heart is a signature of narcotic white florals that form the texture of silk-like petals. They are held in an embrace of creamy warmth—a glistening glow that builds through wear. This expression of feminine elegance is achieved with some of the highest quality ingredients. They form a scent that is soft yet lasting.”

La Mia Perla belongs to an innovative fragrance family named Solariental, defined by luminosity and creaminess. Folding together harmoniously, the notes of the scent create an olafactive portrait of movement. Hints of spicy Mandarin and White Pepper accents drive the hypnotic floral core of the scent defined by Jasmine Sambac and White Peony. Meanwhile, heavy, texturizing Orris harmonises the floral balance with elegance, as the qualities of Silky Suede and Ambrox enrich the white notes. Beneath this, Sandalwood and Muscenone bring a muskiness that lifts the composition.

The Bottle
La Mia Perla is preserved in a bottle of haute perfumery glass featuring perfectly modern forms and spherical codes to reflect the precious elixir within. Rich like a jewel emerging from the sea, the rose gold flacon with white detailing holds the scent in a suspended pearl shape, while a pearl-like cap rounds off its luxurious feel. Meanwhile, the outer packaging is developed with reflective Fresnel technology – new to the beauty industry, this continues to illustrate the spherical storytelling behind this precious scent.

The Campaign
The evocative TV, print and PR campaign stars rising Dutch model Annika Krijt. In shots both delicate and strong, Annika emerges from the water with distinctive femininity. Just as her sensuality surfaces, she holds her scent, her pearl, close to her skin, drawing strength from the power it holds within.

La Mia Perla is available in selected La Perla Boutiques and in the UK exclusively to John Lewis from the 11th May 2017 with other retailers to follow on the 1st July 2017. To create a deeper fragrance experience, enhance with complementary ancillaries.

Product line up
La Mia Perla Eau de Parfum 30ml
La Mia Perla Eau de Parfum 50ml
La Mia Perla Eau de Parfum 100ml
La Mia Perla Eau de Parfum Rollerball 33ml
La Mia Perla Body Lotion 200ml
La Mia Perla Shower Gel 200ml



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