Mondelez World Travel Retail (WTR) is continuing its pioneering personalization journey with a fresh offering from the channel’s number one chocolate brand, Toblerone.

The travel retail exclusive packaging of the limited edition Toblerone Tiny Messages further enhances the sharing appeal of the 272g Tiny milk bag, with twenty-one distinct messages printed on the wrappers of each individual ‘tiny’. ‘Messages’ include words and feelings that help to connect travellers, like ‘happiness’, ‘sharing’ and laughing’, with promotional materials highlighting to travellers what “being together means”.

Toblerone Tiny Messages’ travel retail exclusive packaging includes a QR code that allows travellers to access an augmented reality (AR) tool. The AR enables traveling consumers to create sharable, one-of-a-kind virtual messages, providing a platform for travellers to express themselves and engage with the brand beyond the airport environment.

The limited edition Toblerone Tiny Messages will be available until the end of next year.