Be Transported: RHA wireless headphones make travel retail debut

Be Transported: RHA wireless headphones make travel retail debut

Capi and specialist British audio company RHA have worked together closely to exclusively launch RHA’s range of wireless headphones in advance of their introduction at IFA in Berlin. In August, Capi was the first retailer in the world to sell the new, innovative wireless products of the premium brand RHA.

Breaking through into mainland Europe, British audio brand RHA is starting to make a name on the continent as a premium electronics brand. Its products can be characterised by British design and precision engineering and are constructed from premium, durable materials of the highest quality with a three year warranty on all headphone products.

The brand promotion at Capi stores centres around RHA’s two innovative wireless models, the MA650 and MA750 wireless in-ear headphones. Both combine sleek design and comfort with true-to-life sound reproduction and a 12 hour battery life. Both models are constructed of high grade aluminium and stainless steel, respectively.

To introduce the new audio brand and its special wireless headphones, Capi has allocated several of its retail concepts to RHA. Visitors and passers-by are invited to ‘be transported’ by the gate sleeves at the entrance of the store, while the brand has a prominent in-store position on the Action Marketing Table. One of Capi’s strong points is to emphasise the product experience rather than the specs. That said, Capi staff are knowledgeable about the RHA technology, having received specific product training about the wireless models, the wired in-ear headphones and their benefits.

Hans Oudwater, Global Sales Manager RHA, says: “Capi is the leading airport retailer of consumer electronics with a strong presence in Europe, which is why we wanted to work with them to introduce our new wireless range of headphones. Capi combines the best brands, latest innovations and a trendsetting shopping experience to create added value for travellers. Similarly, RHA stands for innovation, premium quality and high value products for travellers. As this introduction shows, Capi and RHA are a great match.”

Peter Wiggers, Managing Director Royal Capi-Lux, states: “At Capi, we always strive to have the latest innovations in store as soon as the products have been released or even before they become available on the rest of the market. The exclusive launch of RHA’s wireless headphone range is a great example of how we offer travellers unique propositions and the newest innovations.”

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