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Valentino make-up lands in duty-free at major Asia and Middle East airports

Valentino make-up lands in duty-free at major Asia and Middle East airports

Travellers flying through Asia and Middle East will be able to discover the new Valentino make-up collection and the vision of beauty that the Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli conveys in this very first collection: a daring, expressive and inclusive attitude.


“Beauty and fashion are in a constant and symbiotic evolution. The work we are doing in Valentino is guided by the values we trust in, we moved from an aesthetic built on exclusivity to an inclusive one, we grew from a two-dimensional vision of beauty to a three dimensional one, where emotions, dreams, and individuality are as important, if not more, as any other feature. Beauty is directly connected to the intensity of our feelings, the more we love, the more we are connected to our true self, the more it shows and glows on the outside. Valentino beauty is for the dreamers.” Pierpaolo Piccioli


Time, heritage, rituals, grace. The culture of Couture, a celebration of the individual and identity. Values of equality and diversity for a new generation that has no boundaries and is open to possibilities. Haute Couture is a culture of craftsmanship, passion and love. The vision of beauty of the Valentino Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli, is conveyed in the first make-up collection: a daring, expressive and inclusive attitude.

The versatile range is an array of blazing hues – an ode to a key pillar of the Couture fashion house; exquisite textures and high-performance formulas, it is an invitation to create your own beauty dream. An ode to self-expression that not only celebrates the extraordinary in the everyday, it celebrates the extraordinary in each individual.


Bringing together the Valentino heritage with an extraordinary and innovative blend of couture and street culture, Pierpaolo Piccioli has brought a new colourful perspective to Valentino. A harmonious colour palette, that recalls the Valentino Collections, that ranges from black to peridot greens to corals, from rich blues to bitter yellows to vibrant pink. This mastery of colour, along with Valentino’s runway makeup legitimises Valentino’s space in the world of makeup.


Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli’s approach is inspired by proportion and volumes, magnificent silhouettes full of grace. A similar approach, using unique expertise and technical skill, has been transplanted in all the textures across the colour collection. This is thanks to the ingenious Light-LastingTM technology. By infusing it into each product, Valentino’s sensorial, innovative formulations are light to the point of weightlessness, breathable, long lasting and comfortable to wear.


Maison Valentino speaks in red, a colour that is a language and that demonstrates its identity. A multifaceted universe, red is made up of tones and registers. An emotional and sentimental code, it contains infinite voices. Feminine, plural. The temperature of infinite personalities. An embracing selection of possibilities. A unique accent: passionate, sensual, graceful. Poetic and transversal. Essential. Complete. Contradictory: grandiose and severe, opulent and light, firm and fluid. A chromatic myriad in which one finds its own individuality. Primary and primordial. Decisive as a statement, neutral as a non colour. Timeless. Bold and fine. Valentino.

‘Valentino Rosso’ is the colour chosen by Pierpaolo Piccioli as a common denominator through all the cosmetics range. The packaging conveys the concept of a fashion accessory in the realm of beauty. The Valentino VLogo signature pays homage to the Maison: “V”, a sound that becomes a shape, a symbol, a true icon. A microcosm of lines and volumes, full and empty. A calling and a beginning. Part of the whole and linguistic atom from which to develop a universe of values.

The versatility of each product – multi-use, multi finishes – speaks to the freedom of expression and individuality that lies at the core of the brand. In line with Valentino’s commitment to responsible consumption, lipsticks and compacts are fully refillable.


Working closely with Raoul Alejandre, the boundary pushing L.A. based make-up artist, the entire colour cosmetics line has been meticulously created to embody the concept of “create your beauty dream”. The Triple Technique application – meaning many of the beautifully crafted pieces can be used in three different ways – where every individual can celebrate the power of elevated artistry whilst creating their own beauty dream.


The shooting of the make up advertising campaign, is a personal narrative between the Valentino Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli together with 16 eclectic talents, a diverse range of faces and personalities, conveying a unique energy. Pierpaolo Piccioli continues his quest within gender neutrality and on the humanity of individuals, highlighting their feelings and emotions, despite their gender or age. The Creative Director
has personally narrated his vision through his eyes by gathering all the nuances and emotions of the models with no filter.
Each individual wears the make up in a way that is reflective of their personalities, each individual tells a different story,
and represents an antidote to the archaic constructs and ideals of beauty, and each individual wears colourful couture with ease and unrestraint. The glorious display of uniqueness, individuality and street culture is the embodiment of the beauty dream. It is where Valentino’s heritage meets not simply the modernity of the present day but beauty of the future.


Embodying both style and substance, Rosso Valentino is set to reinvent the modern lipstick category. Built from an extensive colour palette of 50 shades going from reds (tomato red, pinky reds, browny reds) to a gallery of pinks and plums, to modern nudes – one with a wholly inclusive slant – to luminous oranges and rich corals, and statement-making purple and blue. The lip colours of dreams. Created using the Roma-Light ComplexTM, a colour booster that ensures luminosity and intensity, Rosso Valentino highlights a skill and grasp concerning the nuances of undertones. It delivers striking colour in one stroke. There are two impressive technology-driven textures. A new generation satin with luxurious glide and intense pay off, this is a liquid lipstick encapsulated in a stick. Its matte counterpart, a soft creamy velvet matte with a blurred finish, is infused with mattifiers and gliding oils ensuring a sublime comfort level rare in traditional mattes, the intense colour is non fading and stays true.

Colours are infused with more light to increase their luminosity and intensity. This specific light adds flattering and radiant reflection power. Crafted with colour boosting pearls, this unique technology enhances the luminosity and radiance of each shade by refracting back maximum light. The first type of pearl is a radiant pearl. Chosen among 500 pearls, it is multi-layered, catching the light and reflecting it back softly, without giving a shiny effect. In the satin formula, these radiant pearls merge with coloured pearls. The soft-matte formula focuses on blurring the light. To do so the Roma-Light ComplexTM blends radiant and blurred pearls, that capture light and diffuse it without fading its colour.

Rosso Valentino exterior has been designed with intention. The unique V shaped bullet is specifically designed for precision of application. And is fully refillable. This is a nod to Valentino’s commitment to the future and the celebration of individuality, with the possibility of changing colour, consciously. With patented formulas, an extensive, fully inclusive range of shades and design principles that go beyond the aesthetic, Rosso Valentino marks a generation of lipstick for anyone and everyone who dreams of beauty.


Designed by Pierpaolo Piccioli – it made its initial debut on the Valentino Spring Summer 2017 catwalk the Go-Clutch epitomises the magic made possible when Couture and Beauty align. Inspired by the concept of a fashion accessory,
this mini clutch on a chain houses a diminutive MiniRosso and a powder. Available in six shades in satin or matte, the MiniRosso can be alternated according to one’s mood. While the satin face powder with its unique sensorial creamy feel
comes in six shades (including a bronzer). With buildable coverage, this powder fuses with skin upon application, for the most lightweight feel.


Exquisitely formulated and high performance, Very Valentino pushes the very boundaries of foundation. Using the Light LastingTM technology, the semi matte finish perfectly balances three key foundation attributes; buildable coverage, a light breathable texture and 24 hour wear. The secret ingredient? Our magic Floating Powder. A voluminous yet extra-light ingredient, being one of the world’s lightest solid materials. Very light yet very powerful, this powder can absorb up to 3 times its own weight, allowing for perfect semi-matte finish, all day long. This Floating Powder is weaved together with a light wear polymer, that locks the formula onto the skin while infused with glycerine for a fresh hydrating feel upon application.


In keeping with the spirit of the house, Very Valentino is fully inclusive. Available in 40 shades, the range was developed inspired by extensive research on the skin tones of 5000 women in eight countries across every continent. Inclusive shades, with an inclusive formulation. To ensure perfect coverage and feel, without ashy result, our formula is adapted to each typology of shade, balancing pigments and opacifying powder, ensuring the most perfect finish from the
lightest shade, to the deepest. A technology driven shade finder will be available for every individual to explore the range. Using the virtual mirror, everyone is invited to discover their personal shade of Very Valentino.


‘Skinification’ – the use of skincare in non-skincare products – is, within V-Lighter, in its element. This hyaluronic acid infused highlighter, one that is multifaceted, has been created to bring intense light and radiance to the skin, hydrating and illuminating the complexion. It can be used in three ways. Worn alone to hydrate, smooth and illuminate the skin. As an illuminating primer underneath foundation and as a highlighter on top of Very Valentino, it gives skin a luminous glow and a subtle, luxurious highlighted finish.

Like our foundation, this fine satin powder benefits from the Light-LastingTM technology, which makes it perfect for an all-day wear. The luxuriously designed GO-Cushion brings together Maison Valentino’s Couture heritage with the modernity of life on the move. Available in five shades, it comes with an exclusive double-edged ultra-soft applicator for precise and ultrasensorial application.


Eye2Cheek encapsulates Couture and Modernity. This seamless multi-use creamy powder, available in 12 shades, can be used in a myriad of ways. As a mono eyeshadow, a fresh burst of colour on the cheeks and for a shot of beauty escapism, the draped eye look. As with the entire beauty collection Eye2Cheek is boosted by a patented innovative technology; hence the creamy texture delivers remarkable colour purity and pay off, offers buildable coverage, has an ultra-light feel and guarantees 12 hours wear.


By changing the rules of eyeshadow, Colour-Flip pays a colourful homage to Maison Valentino’s ‘no rules’ mantra. This exceptional multi-layered eye shadow palette consists of a two layered quad. It consists of a variety of shades, textures and bases that can be worn separately or collectively or even clashed completely. It is a dream invitation to experiment, express individuality and break the rules thanks to two bases, four colours and two top-coats.


Double ended, this ultimate liner features a liquid ink liner tip and a smooth gel colour, to deliver versatility, high artistry and 16-hour wear. All in just one stroke.


Incorporating a sheer liquid ink liner, a shading pencil and brow brush, this triple ended brow product marks the creation of a new generation brow filler. Developed in three shades, the Brow Trio leaves a natural finish that lasts up to 24 hours.


Balancing volume with weightlessness is an art form and this magnificent, innovative ultra-black mascara excels at it. A single stroke adds incredible volume to lashes thanks to its curled fibre brush giving an all-day feathery-light impact, thanks to its creamy texture. The Magnificent Mascara brings an eye-opening effect, to magnify your eyes, by increasing up to 15 times the volume of the lashes.


Beautiful, refined, fool-proof and high impact, this exquisite luxe glitter, which comes with an integrated applicator, is specifically designed for the lips. A finishing touch for the beauty dreamer with a desire to shine and celebrate your own individuality.


Glitters as precious as the dust of dreams. Dress your eyes with multi-reflective glitters and sparkle up your look, in just a wink. Inspired by the most spectacular Valentino runway makeup looks Dreamdust Eye Glitter is available in 4 stunning shades that will take the ordinary to extraordinary. Ultra-versatile and easy to use, our glitters are blended in a clear creamy base that prevents fallout.




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