Wolford, the Austrian luxury hosiery label, is expanding its presence in the duty free and travel retail sector – and introducing new collections to thrill travellers.

The brand will introduce a new travel retail concept for airport locations during the TFWA World Exhibition in October. Wolford currently has 12 boutiques and 25 shop-in-shops at airports worldwide. The brand’s latest boutique opened in April, a partnership with Heinemann Duty Free.

For S/S2016 Wolford has unveiled its Darleene legwear designs:

As the new “Darleene” legwear designs from the Wolford 2015/16 Fall/Winter collection show: all good things come in threes. They are united by a soft, supple fabric, which are extremely comfortable to wear, and black, shimmering appliqué designs. While the small squares imitate the seam on one design, they feature as a band at overknee height on another, and create a boot-like effect on the third.

Modern classic: Darleene tights reinterpret the seam concept

Classics are timeless and – by definition – never go out of fashion, which makes it all the more important that they are reinterpreted from time to time. Wolford’s “Darleene” tights present a new take on the classic back seam: the narrow strip of shimmering, black sequins running up the back of the leg makes “Darleene” tights a real fashion Piece.

Darleene Boot Tights – uniting boots and pumps

Boots vs. pumps? Why not have both! This is possible with “Darleene” boot tights, which are opaque tights featuring a multitude of black, shimmering sequins as an appliqué design on the front up to knee height. This results in a beguiling and extravagant bootie look with maximum fashion credentials.

Darleene Overknee Tights – glamour to the max

The “Darleene” overknee tights also feature a different and appealing look: while the lower section is classically opaque, the overknee section is sheer. The dividing line creating the overknee look takes the form of black, shimmering sequins, which are applied in a band around the leg for a trendy eye-catcher that really boosts the glamor with short skirts and dresses, and also scores highly in the comfort stakes thanks to the supersoft fabric.

For women who cannot resist the appeal of this design, there are also additional Darleene accessories, including a choker and bracelet, as well as a matching Darleene pullover and a bodysuit either with straps or a V-neck design.