Wonderlust! Gigi Hadid is perfect for Michael Kors

Wonderlust! Gigi Hadid is perfect for Michael Kors

“Holiday in a bottle”, is how top model Gigi Hadid describes the Michael Kors perfume, for which she shines in a new campaign.

“Endless beaches in unknown regions, a breeze and flowers,” that’s what Wonderlust evokes, says Michael Kors. And that can all be seen in the new idyllic campaign with Gigi set in an unknown paradise. “The scent is a way to imagine yourself in another world,” says Gigi. “A small luxury for every day. I love the flower notes myself and I like that it is a versatile perfume. I wear it both on the beach and during an evening with friends.”

“Gigi is the personification of the Michael Kors esprit,” says Kors. “She is curious, spontaneous and cheerful, everything you want from a travel partner. That makes her the perfect person for this campaign and this scent.”

The campaign was shot in on the Turks & Caicos Islands by Inez and Vinoodh and revolves around adventure, travel and living in the moment.

Wonderlust was created in collaboration with perfumers Honorine Blanc and Aurelien Guichard and the name is a play on ‘wanderlust’, the desire to travel. The main note in Wonderlust is carnation with a layer underneath that is reminiscent of almond milk with heliotropium in the heart, a flower that smells a bit like cherry pie. The perfume is a bit warmer and spicy, with a hint of cinnamon. “I wanted something that was feminine, modern and streamlined,” says Kors. “It smells delicious, yet fresh, for women who go for it, but in their own world.”

In September Wonderlust gets a sister: Wonderlust Sublime, a slightly more sensual version with orange blossom.

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