Wuhan Airport re-opens 88 stores for travellers

Wuhan Airport re-opens 88 stores for travellers

Almost 90 stores have been re-opened by Lagardère Travel Retail at Wuhan airport after more than two months of lockdown due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

According to a statement, Lagardère Travel Retail’s sales are expected to resume as the numbers of passengers passing through Wuhan Airport gradually increases.

“Our ability to restart operations at Wuhan Airport is testament to the dramatic improvement in the sanitary conditions in Hubei province,” said Eudes Fabre, CEO of Lagardère Travel Retail China. “I wish to thank our staff and business partners for their patience and stoicism throughout this crisis. This reopening sends a strong message of hope and optimism to all in our industry who are affected by the current epidemic.”

In appreciation of medical staff’s work in Wuhan, the company is offering free meals at 16 restaurants and cafes together with shopping privileges for all medical workers flying out of the city this month.

“Traffic volumes are still below what they were pre-crisis, but we’re already seeing an upward trend. After a long lockdown period, people are keen to travel again and there is pent-up consumer demand which will translate into retail sales,” Fabre added.


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