Montblanc honours John, Paul, George, Ringo and their unconventional style with a dedicated collection including two Limited Editions and one Special Edition.

The Beatles wrote so many unforgettable songs, revolutionised the music scene and took the world by storm creating a euphoric ‘Beatlemania’.

The most successful rock band of the 20th century, The Beatles were a major influence in British pop culture of the 1960s and 70s. The Montblanc Great Characters The Beatles Limited Edition 88 celebrates The Beatles’ mark on music history with its Limitation to 88 pieces in memory of the year The Beatles were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: 1988.

The Au 750 solid champagne-tone gold skeleton overlay on the cap and barrel is a collage of Beatles and 1960s memorabilia including the peace symbol, the Union Jack and signatures from the Fab Four, as well as the inlay of a guitar. In tribute to the iconic style of John, Paul, George and Ringo, the clip is decorated with a moustache quartet. Further elements such as the mixing console button cone design and the microphone-shaped Au 750 solid champagne-tone gold cap top set with the Montblanc emblem in mother-of-pearl were inspired by vintage recording technology. Capturing the spirit of this era is the engraving of ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah!’ on the handcrafted Au 750 solid champagne-tone gold nib.

Montblanc Great Characters
The Beatles Artisan 88

Crafted of Au 750 gold, this strictly limited fountain pen is full of references to The Beatles. The four moustaches on the clip, the Union Jack, the engraved song titles and the cap top in the look of a vintage tube microphone being only some of them.

Montblanc Great Characters
The Beatles Limited Edition 1969

In reference to the release date of Abbey Road, the last album the band recorded together, this edition is limited to 1969 pieces. It is adorned with a collage of memorabilia in lacquer and metal inlays.

Montblanc Great Characters
The Beatles Special Edition

One of The Beatles’ most revolutionary LPs was “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”. This Edition is reminiscent of the album’s colourful cover featuring the four musicians in bright, shiny fantasy uniforms.

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