Yves Saint Laurent has launched L’Homme Eau de Parfum – and new edition of the L’Homme fragrance from 2006.

With L’Homme, YSL celebrates the two faces of a modern man: nonchalant charm and electrifying seduction, from a sophisticated dandy to a mysterious seducer. YSL says the new perfume wants to embody the magnetism of L’Homme’s character in a new syrupy and sophisticated bourbon signature.

L'Homme YSL

L’Homme EDP retains the core of the L’Homme franchise, which is a signature woody combo, this time presented in a more powerful, delicious, intoxicating variation. Like liqueur, the bitter essence of bitter orange goes well with the Infusion de Bois de Chêne accord. This new ingredient, distilled from oak shavings from cognac barrels, brings about a new trace and perfume signature.

The bottle is decorated with a warm orange colour, in contrast to the metal of the symbolic hexagonal cap. Elegance in a glass bottle evokes fragrant whiskey. It is available as a 60 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

L'Homme Eau de parfum