Z Zegna brings Energy to duty-free: new fragrance from Ermenegildo Zegna

Z Zegna brings Energy to duty-free: new fragrance from Ermenegildo Zegna

Ermenegildo Zegna Parfums introduces Z Zegna Energy fragrance for the modern and always-evolving Z Zegna man.
Coinciding with the updated brand direction, Z Zegna Energy continues the evolution of this urban man, where technology, sport and fashion collide, and provide him with his signature scent. With this perfectly juxtaposed scent, high tech and sporty energies meet his grounded and earthy side. He’s contemporary yet classic – understated, yet refined.

The Fragrance
Z Zegna Energy fragrance bursts with the tantalizing effervescence of Mandarin and zesty Lemon Leaves to provide a sparkling introduction. Galbanum SFE and Angelica Root add additional facets to the topnote with an earthy green that reveals freshness and depth. At the heart of the fragrance stands an aromatic signature of clean masculinity from Lavender Flower and invigorating Geranium. Like the wind, Hedione flows throughout to give a rush of life, lift and clarity. From the back grows the gentle sophistication of earth and woods. The diffusive veil of Sandalwood and stimulating tones of Vetiver create a woody dynamic of soothing purity, while Mousse de Chene lends a mossy richness. Finally, velvety Ambergris and delicate Musk soften and warm each of the individual notes to create a sense of understated refinement for the modern gentleman.

Drawing inspiration from the Z Zegna SS 2015 campaign, this new fragrance visual brings a new dimension of speed and intensity to the cityscape.

Z Zegna Energy fragrance is available now at Travel Retail locations worldwide.




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