🌼 Daisy Marc Jacobs unveils three new Spring limited edition scents 🌼

🌼 Daisy Marc Jacobs unveils three new Spring limited edition scents 🌼

Fresh. Uplifting. Vibrant. Three new sparkling scents dressed in shades of green and pink from Daisy Marc Jacobs inspired by the feeling of a carefree spring day.

Capturing the airy essence of nature and the innocence of Spring, the Daisy Spring limited editions are a seasonal twist on the classic daisy fragrances. Each fragrance features an unexpected green ingredient with a feminine burst of pink, creating a delicate yet refreshing balance that transports you to an idyllic world of blooming daisies and lush greenery.

Daisy Marc Jacobs Spring limited edition: inviting bursts of pink rosebuds and rosewood blossom create a fresh feeling of elegance, while green cardamom adds a spicy texture.

Top: green cardamom
Mid: pink rose buds
Base: rosewood

Daisy Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh Spring limited edition: green tea blossom and matcha create a sense of comforting freshness, complemented by a bright burst of pink pepper.

Top: pink pepper
Mid: green tea blossom
Base: matcha tea accord

Daisy Love Marc Jacobs Spring limited edition: delicate pink peony is wrapped in the sweet and creamy smoothness of fig and fig milk.

Top: fig
Mid: pink peony
Base: fig milk accord


The designs

Inspired by the optimism of a beautiful spring day and the invigorating joy of being in nature, the daisy spring limited edition bottles are reimagined in fresh green tones and accented with a palette of delicate pink touches.

The iconic daisy caps are adorned with the elegant gold accents of the classic daisy bottles and a unique combination of translucent green and pink petals that bend to the touch.

The light green cartons are produced in a soft-matte material and are adorned with green and pink shiny daisy chains and gold foil accents that perfectly complement the charming bottles.

The advertising

Shot by photographer Zoë Ghertner, the Daisy Spring print advertising features the limited-edition collection laying on a crisp, white blanket. The sun is shining, bathing them in a warm light.

The campaign highlights the happy and optimistic mood of a carefree spring day by replicating a picnic in the middle of a daisy field.

Creative agency: Art Partner
Director/photographer: Zoë Ghertner
Location: Philmont, NY

Daisy Marc Jacobs Spring limited editions will be available globally January 2021.

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