3Sixty Duty Free welcomes back travelling shoppers at major US airports

3Sixty Duty Free welcomes back travelling shoppers at major US airports

3Sixty Duty Free & More, a global leader in Travel Retail has announced its plans to extend the opening of its operations across different channels focusing on new safety protocols and innovative engagement strategies.
As is now common practice in airports across the world, 3Sixty, as it re-opens and extends its operations, is putting safety first, introducing new safety protocols including requiring face coverings for staff and social distancing guidelines for customers and all check out personnel.

In response to the evolving traffic across airports, 3Sixty is driving a range of different engagement strategies, appropriate to the different airports in which it operates in order to attract customers back into its stores. In Dallas Fort Worth, (currently the world’s busiest airport, amid American Airlines moving key flights from LAX to the Dallas hub) it is opening new stores in terminals A and C, as well as exploring new pop up retail opportunities to attract the growing domestic traffic. In airports such as Orlando, plans to introduce mobile carts are underway, and in Fort Lauderdale, it has added new kiosks in high footfall locations.

Dallas Fort Worth airport

Fort Lauderdale airport

Charlotte airport

Re-opening plans across all its stores including in airports such as Newark, Philadelphia and Charlotte, have also been supported with aggressive discount promotions, which have been well received by customers leading to double-digit week on sales growths in recent weeks.

3Sixty has also been developing additional engagement strategies for the inflight channel focused on its omnichannel capabilities and leveraging airline loyalty programs. In preparation for the shift international traffic, additional tools are in the works, including single use catalogues, communicating through inflight entertainment systems, and launching new inflight apps that allow customers access to enticing gifts and world-class luxury brands, from the safety and comfort of their own phones.

“As we navigate through these unique circumstances, we will continue to operate in an agile and adaptive manner and whilst the health and safety of passengers and our employees is a key priority” said Alexander Anson-Esparza, COO “so is our ability to respond to the changing trading conditions to take advantage of the growing traffic”.

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